NCD-Semi-Flixable monocrystalline silicon solar panel: The lifespan is longer than 15 years.

Battery: Rechargeable Hi-Mh Storage Battery.

Light Source: White LED Main light and RGB-LED in both sides for decoration.

Controller: Remote Control, Light Control, Time Control, Anti-overdischarge and Short-circuit Resistance.

Pole: Aluminium alloy with LED decorating lights, powder-coated with electrostatic spray for anti-salted, anti-acid, weather and rust resistant.

Intelligent Controller: Smart Handheld Remote Controller that reads and sets up the work time, work style, brightness of main lamp; decorating light to control the run of light on the spot. Moreover, it shows the voltage and current of solar panel and battery.

Work Time: Light Control Automatically. The main LED light turns on at dark in full brightness firstly and 4 hours later, it turns 1/4 brightness to next dawn automatically. The LED decorating light turns on with full brightness in in the first 4 hours and turn off automatically. When people pass by, the light turns to full brightness in 1 minute automatically by infrared sensor.

It has been widely used in gardens, squares, residential areas and villas, etc.

Power of the Solar:12W±15%Print

Battery Capability 2.4V/52Ah                         

Power of the Light  5.5W

Power of Main Light  5W                                 

Power of Decorating Light 0.25W

Color Temperature 3000K~6000K                 

Working Temperature -20°C ~ 45°C

Total Height 2.9m                                             

Wind Resistance:27m/s (10)

Last for rainy/cloudy days:3~5 (days)