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Renewable Energy division of NCD Schweiz AG is an activity added to our main activity in the medical field that we are leading, managing & owning worldwide. We are in a direct contact and partners with the most leading manufacturer and supplier in Europe who has the highest efficiency of solar energy products and other solar water heaters since the company was founded NCD Schweiz AG with its partners of solar manufacturers,  whole sale companies, technical design houses and technical supporters world wide with this join venture we have consolidated a footprint in the renewable energy industry. Innovation, global operation, customer orientation, and quality focus are the core competencies NCD Schweiz AG uses to excel in the market and to succeed in this dynamic business environment. Through our business partners manufacturers of solar energy components that established a production facility in Europe. They have implemented quality control processes to ensure product quality and reliability. Our innovative technical staff works hard to maintain our position at the forefront of solar panels technology.

NCD Schweiz AG head office Schlieren one of the most reputable industrial areas of Zurich is located in a Shopping Point Lilie facility that is own by J. F. JOST & Co.one of the largest construction companies of Zurich that includes an offices areas and more than 10,000 square meter of sales point and warehouse of the best Swiss brands and chain companies. The company has successfully launched the owned daughter-branch offices in Ljubljana, Slovenia in heart of Europe with all its potentials of incredible growth during the last 10 years with its promising growth that and stability for investment that encouraged us in the direct investment and planning for the assembly of our Swiss brand solutions in co-operation with our worldwide partners.

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Grateful, we are efforts & unlimited support from our valued Europe business partners as  well as worldwide business how are on the way to join our business for their efforts & contribution business partner Precisely we have chosen our partners according to their great reputation in the global markets  based on quality and their market growth & stability.