NCD Schweiz AG has become a house hold name after the range of its products available starting with solar panels, solar water heaters, solar power plants and solar street lights. With our business partners we have served and are continuously serving our precious clients with the qualitative services imparted in adherence to quality parameters as perfect accessibility. We at NCD Schweiz always strive to match the Quality services, enhanced maintenance amenity and customer satisfaction from our end so that we can maintain our legacy in the market.

We started in the year 2011 and today we render services into Commercial solar power and Residential solar power.However we took lead with commercial solar power project as it provides both businesses attributes and consistency in the blooming market of solar projects.

The term off-grid is used for not being connected with the main or national electrical grid. They are basically stand-alone systems (SHS) or mini-gridsgenerally to provide electricity to a smaller area. Off-grid solar solution is are solution to electricity crisis in inaccessible areas due to scattered or distant population. Off-Grid Solar Solution is efficiently designed to meet energy requirement where electricity is not frequently available and are suitable for commercial and residential applications. It can be designed from 1kW to 100kW. Off Grid solar solution enables a user to access energy driven articles as they independently generate electricity.


An off grid solar electricity system produces electricity in a configurationfrom a grid where operation happens independently in connection with public grids. There is a wide array of assorted applications of Off-Grid solar systems starting with electricity supply tonumerous sources. The photovoltaic off-grid is enabled to produce electricity for different possible resources varying from small villages, houses, Institutes etc.

The primary and the most essential working of Off-Grid is described as that the Energy storage system consists of a bi-directional inverter that can charge or discharge a battery bank connected. The system can supply energy from Grid and Solar Panels to the connected areas where it has to be transferred. Battery bank can run the system to meet desired back up hours at designed load. This capacity of the system can cover for the sudden loss of PV in the system hence making it quite reliable for use in remote areas. The battery bank also allows excess solar energy to be stored and used later on when required.

Major Components

  • SolarPV Module
  • Power Conditioning Unit
  • Battery Bank
  • Mounting Structures / Battery Stand
  • Array Junction Boxes/DC Combiner Boxes
  • Required protection devices like Earthing kit, lighting protection etc.
  • AC Distribution Box

Benefit of Off-Grid Solar Solution

  • Reliable Source of Power replaces grid dependability
  • Efficient system having minimum maintenance requirement
  • System life more than 25 years
  • Provides power for remote home, cabins and camps
  • Efficient hedge against inflation in Grid electricity tariff
  • Green Energy generation help reducing carbon foot print