01234NCD Schweiz AG s is a name which has created a niche in the market with the instigation of solar electrical equipment’s. We at NCD serve our valuable clients with our European services for solar electric project and also assist on la carte basis for any part of process. Perfect NCD Schweiz is a leading System Integrator located in Zurich  & Ljubljana, with a wealth of experience and significant track record in the field of Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems and offers product ranging from Solar water heater thanks to our Europeans main partners , solar street lights, solar panels and solar power plants. NCD Schweiz started with solar solutions to started with rendering complete solar solutions for Industrial and commercial power applications and will provide as well end user as home and offices markets but due to the lucrative benefits accessible we  too.

In co-ordination with our  develop and extend our services to our dedicated clients in the definite time slot with splendid quality even after the delivery of the product. To install solar projects we acquaint the client about it sing envious long-term investment that will provide decades of clean, renewable electricity, as well as solid financial returns for system owners and investors.

Our expertise and business partners guarantees high quality standards and efficient design to find the best approach and solution for customized solar power Systems where we implement a categorical approach that commence with feasibility report followed by designing, maintenance, testing and delivery of the project where we strictly adhere to quality and time propositions.

Solar Grid interactive systems are efficiently designed to meet energy requirement and are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential applications. The projects can vary from implementation of small solar heater or large scale solar grids which consists of several small solar power panels. Hence to be contingent on the scale of project, it can be designed from 5kW to 2MW capacities offering extricated services round the corner.

A grid connected/interactive system is connected to a large independent grid (typically the public electricity grid) and feeds power into the system and grid without battery back-up. However it can be customized to include small battery bank to provide buffer and control flexibility to allow optimum use of the renewable energy source without threatening the robustness and quality of power delivered to the customer. The prominent virtue of employing solar project lies in its predominant privilege associated.

Major Components

  • Solar PV Module
  • Grid interactive Inverters
  • Mounting Structures
  • Array Junction Boxes/DC Combiner Boxes
  • Required protection devices like Earthing kit, lighting protection etc.
  • AC Distribution Box

Working of on Grid Solar System

General working principle behind On Grid solar solution is that it is connected to photovoltaic power systems that consist of Maximum Power point tracking, Photovoltaic panels, solar inverters, power conditioning units and grid connection equipment. Dissimilar to Stand-alone photovoltaic power systems these systems not often have batteries. Grid-connected photovoltaic power systems can feed excess power to the grid, which in this case acts as a battery for the system. The assessment is done through a meter to monitor.

Benefits of Roof top Solar System

  • Low cost solar power reduces electricity cost
  • Reliable System with very low maintenance
  • Easier to install as they do not require battery system
  • System life more than 25 years
  • Efficient hedge against inflation in Grid electricity tariff
  • Green Energy generation help reducing carbon foot print
  • Income tax benefit in the form of 100% (80% + 20%) accelerated depreciation benefit under section-32 Rule-5 of income tax act. 1951