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LUXOR Eco Line Full Black 60/240-255W

The 60-cell module is the large-size all-rounder among the Luxor modules. Eco in this case means especially economical: The high wattage makes the module the ideal solution for industrial scale equipments. From the open-field facilities,
through the tracking system, to the roof-mounted installation. High-quality solar cell with an efficiency up to 18.5 % at the best possible low light behaviour ensure the best energy output. And this at plus tolerances of 1.5 to 6.49 Wp. Exemplary in the manufacturing quality, too: An especially durable plug-in connection guarantees the best power contact under all conditions, and the hollow-section frame made of anodised aluminium and compatible with every assembly system, is torsionally stiff and corrosion-free. Manufactured according to German standards and under the strict eyes of our engineers, each Luxor photovoltaic module is marked by a special level of durability and reliability.

 LUXOR Eco Line Full Black 60/240-255W

LUXOR Eco Line Full Black 60/240-255W

LUXOR Eco Line Full Black 60/240-255W

72 cells, mono (5″)

NCD Guaranteed positive output tolerance of +1.5 Wp to +6.49 Wp.

NCD High-quality solar cell with an efficiency up to 18.5 % at the best possible low light behaviour.

NCD German warrantor

Electrical data LX-240M LX-245M LX-250M LX-255M
Rated power Pmpp [Wp] 240.00 245.00 250.00 255.00
Pmpp range from 241.50 246.50 251.50 256.50
Pmpp range to 246.49 251.49 256.49 261.49
Rated current Impp [A] R7.86 7.97 8.08 8.19
Rated voltage Vmpp [V] 30.73 30.93 31.13 31.32
Short-circuit current Isc [A] 8.40 8.51 8.62 8.72
Open-circuit voltage Uoc [V] O37.37 37.47 37.57 37.69
Efficiency at STC 14.85% 15.15% 15.46% 15.77%
Efficiency at 200 W/m2 14.28% 14.51% 14.82% 15.12%
NOCT [°C] 47±2°C 47±2°C 47±2°C 47±2°C
Specification as per STC: 1000 W/m2, 25°C, AM 1.5 / STC irradiance: 1000 W/m2, Module temperature: 25°C, AM=1.5 | NOCT: 47°C
Limiting values LX-240 M / LX-245M / LX-250M / LX-255M
Max. system voltage [V] 1000 V
Max. return current [I] 15 A
Temperature range – 40 to 85°C
Snow-load zone1 approval up to SLZ 3 (according to DIN 1055)
Max. pressure load (static) 5400 Pa

Mechanical data
Temperature coefficient – 0.34% /°C | 0.05% /°C | – 0.45% /°C
Number of cells (matrix) 6 x 10, three strings in a row
Cell size 156 mm x 156 mm (diagonal: 200 mm)
Module dimensions (L x W x H)2 | Weight 1,640 mm x 992 mm x 45 mm | 21.0 kg
Front-side glass 3.2 mm hardened solar glass with low iron content
Frame stable stable, anodised aluminium frame in a hollow-section design
Socket plastic (PPO), IP65, ventilated and strain-relieved
Cable 4 mm2 solar cable, cable length 1.0 m
Plug-in connection high-quality plug-in system, (IP65) MC4
Hail test (max. hailstorm) ∅ 45 mm | impact velocity 23 m/s
General technical approval classified according to DIN EN 13501-5 as BROOF(ti)
Packing LX-240 M / LX-245M / LX-250M / LX-255M
Packing unit 22 modules, 2 Impp classes | 28 PU/40′ container
Dimensions (L x W x H) | Weight Weight 174 cm x 114 cm x 121 cm | 538 kg gross
The specifications and average values can vary slightly. Decisive is the corresponding data of the individual measurement. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Measurement tolerance: rated power +/- 3 %, other values +/- 10 %, all information in this data sheet corresponds to DIN 50380, other information to be found in the installation guidelines.1 For standing installation2 Tolerance L/W = +/- 3 mm, H = the dimensions given in the order confirmation will be decisive Location on request

4 Exclusively from EU production


Eco Line Full Black 60/240-255W