SolarEdge Power optimizer

OP250-LV / OP300-MV / OP400-EV / OP400-MV

NCD Module Add-On to maximize the output of PV systems

NCD MPPT and monitoring on a module level

NCD Increase in efficiency of up to 25 %

 OP 250-400




se_op_p350i_de_04SolarEdge Power Optimizer

P350I / P300-500 / P600-700

NCD Superior efficiency (99.5%)

NCD Fast installation with a single bolt

NCD Up to 25% more energy







Tigo Energy® Maximizer™ System

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

The Tigo Energy® Maximizer™  optimizes the output performance per solar module for residential, commercial and utility-scale installations. It provides data for the operation and performance management at the module level, and provides the ability to disable high-voltage direct current for a secure installation, maintenance or fire fighting.
The company with headquarters in California, USA, was founded in 2007 and is the market leader in the field SmartModuleTM technology for photovoltaics. In 2012, Tigo Energy has received a certification from TÜV Rheinland for its Smart Module Junction Box.

 Module Maximizer™-ES (MM-ES)

 Dual Maximizer™- ES (MM-2ES)

 Gateway (GTWY)

 Maximizer™ Management Unit (MMU)