The German company based in Leonberg develops and produces mounting systems for PV installations. For the most part, the products are made from high-grade steel and aluminium, offering the right choice for the demands of any location – whether you choose an off-the-shelf or customized solution.



The K2 principle

The M K2 slot nut is found in all K2 mounting systems as a central connecting element of various applications in the mounting rails.


NCD Easy to insert in all K2 mounting rails

NCD M K2 are easy to lock following insertion. This prevents the rails from sliding down when positioned on a slant.

NCD High tensile force

NCD Material: Stainless steel (1.4301) / TPC

NCD Thread : M8

NCD Cost-effective thanks to optimal use of material



CrossHook family

f23b48d43eNCD The CrossHook product family offers the perfect solution for almost all applications

NCD Easy and quick installation with optimal accessibility completely from above

NCD Very easy to install with simple system components

NCD CrossHook family (PDF)

CrossHook 3S

CrossHook-3S_156px_01NCD The light-weight K2 CrossHook 3S roof fastener for many different types of pan tiled roofs

NCD Quick installation with only one bolt connection from above with K2 Climber and K2 CrossRail

NCD High level of flexibility due to adjustability of height under bracket

NCD CrossHook 3S (PDF)

CrossHook 4S

abdc72cb11NCD The light-weight K2 CrossHook 3S roof hook for many different types of pan tiled roofs

NCD has a base plate with 3 adjustable height settings (40, 47, 54 mm)

NCD applicable for slim rafters from 36 mm

NCD CrossHook 4S (PDF)

MiniRail System

Minirail_Modul_web_156px_05NCD K2 MiniRail System for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs

NCD High flexibility with adjustable clamp

NCD Small components for optimal warehousing, transport and installation

NCD MiniRail System (PDF)

SpeedRail System

SpeedRail-System-156px-web_01NCD Trapezoidal installation system for roof-mounted solutions

NCD Matching K2 SpeedClips and K2 SpeedLocks ensure simple and rapid installation

NCD Crossbracing installation also possible

NCD SpeedRail System (PDF)

Hanger Bolt System

Stockschraube-System-156px-web_01NCD Designed for corrugated roofs

NCD Height-adjustable bolt attaches directly to roof rafter

NCD Simple installation via hexagon head bolt and preassembled components including adapter plate

NCD Hanger Bolt System (PDF)

CrossRail System (cross bracing)

CrossRail-156px-web_01NCD Used with modules installed flat at crossbracing

NCD Used as top rail together with SpeedRail

NCD Quick and easy mounting rail installed from above using the K2 Climber

NCD CrossRail System (cross bracing) (PDF)

Roof Fastener System SolidRail

9695275107NCD K2 roof fasteners for pan tiled roofs

NCD Excellent corrosion resistance thanks to use of high-quality stainless steel components

NCD Can also be installed in cross bracing (e.g. with K2 CrossRail)

NCD Roof Fastener System SolidRail (PDF)


D-Dome System

Double_Dome_156px-web_01NCD Innovative 10° roof-top system with double-sided orientation

NCD Reduced installation time thanks to few components and mounting from above

NCD Ideal for roofs with low ballast potential

NCD D-Dome System (PDF)

D-Level System

D-Level_System-156px-web_01NCD Roof-mounted system for roofs with low ballast potential

NCD East-west facing installation and slight, two-sided 10° elevation

NCD For all types of modules, thin-film and framed

NCD D-Level System (PDF)

Single Dome System

Single-Dome-156px-web_01NCD Innovative 10° roof-top system

NCD Reduced installation time thanks to few components and mounting from above

NCD Ideal for roofs with low ballast potential

NCD Single Dome System (PDF)

NCD News and Media: Sample project K2 Dome in South Tyrol

S-Level System 2.11

1e1753b3a6NCD Low ballast on-roff system for variable orientation of south-east to south-west

NCD Available with 20° elvation angle, option of K2 FlatRail or K2 SpeedRail as base

NCD Installation-friendly thanks to partially pre-assembled components and screw connection from above

NCD S-Level System 2.11 (PDF)

Triangle System

Triangle-modul-156px-web_03NCD Suitable for installation on both flat and pitched roofs

NCD Optimum elevation angle possible thanks to individual manufacture

NCD Ballast possible with PE plates and inlay rails

NCD Triangle System (PDF)


N-Rack System


NCD Suitable for all ground types, available as screw-in and foundation version

NCD Can be used with all module types, both framed and thin-film

NCD System individually assembled and calculated as per requirements

NCD N-Rack System (PDF)

N-Rack Mono System

8e741e79d6NCD K2 N-Rack Mono system for concrete foundations

NCD Installation-friendly due to perfectly coordinated components and system kit (KIT)

NCD Structural analysed for different European countries

NCD N-Rack System Mono (PDF)

T-Rack System 2.12

T-Rack-156px-web_01NCD Ground-mounted pile-driven system

NCD Straightforward system components for shorter assembly time

NCD Modular design enables any system size

NCD T-Rack 2.12 System (PDF)

A-Rack Box

A-Rack_Box_156px_web_02NCD All system components in a box for open land installations 5-500 kWp

NCD Easy mounting thanks to matching components included in the kit system

NCD Attractive price performance ratio at a low logistical effort

NCD A-Rack Box System (PDF)