Launch your ambitious solar PV projects under the supervision of our expert team of engineers and make the best use of it. To get the highest return on your investment consult NCD Schweiz AG to get the best results. Work in collaboration with our engineers and explore our engineering and designing skills for creating quality products that assure better performance. in co-ordination with our business partners we deliver project document at the start of the project to ensure successful implementation of the project.

The design plan offered  includes details of the site plan, array layout, structural engineering, engineered electrical plans, and a monitoring design.

We are ready with  to bare a lead role in commercial solar project. Our strength lies in our flexibility, practical approach and dedication to offer professional service that make us different from the crowd.

Investing in solar electric system ensures a better return, but for that you have to team up with the right people. Make your commercial solar projects successful with aura rays and generate clean and green electricity.