BISOL Solar Street Lighting

NCD Made in EU

NCD Automatic switch on/off function

 Integrated photo sensor

 Configurable timer

 European components of superior quality

 Best price quality ratio

 Generously equipped basic solution

 Automatic dimming & Motion detection

 Environmentally friendly

 Long service life

Premium lighting solution with long and reliable service life

This entirely self-sufficient off-grid solution for private, commercial and municipal use will illuminate entire communities without the need for excavation works, cable laying and public grid connection, at a much lower cost of ownership.

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Lighting category according to EN13201 ME5 / CE5 / S3 (0.5 cd/m2) / ME6 / S4 (0.3 cd/m2)
Typical application Residential streets, private driveways, walking paths, urban local roads, parking lots, bicycle lanes, industrial areas
System autonomy 27 hours
Temperature range -20 ⁰C to + 50 ⁰C
Protection IP 65 (applies to LED light, PV module, electronics, battery)
System components
PV Module BISOL Premium 250 Wp / Included
Pole 7 m / Hot-dip galvanized steel / Fixation with anchoring plate / Optional
LED light source 30 W / Up to 100,000 hours of service life / 3,200 lm asymmetric light distribution / Colour temperature 4,200 K / Zero upward light output ratio (ULOR=0) / Included
Battery 12 V AGM Solar Deep Cycle battery /130 Ah capacity / 1,500 cycles of battery life at 50 % DOD (6-10 years) / Optional
Component storage HDPE shaft (below ground) or cabinet (above ground) / Included
Photo relay Included
Configurable timer Included
Automatic dimming function Included
Motion sensor PIR / Optional

BISOL PV moduleSpecially designed with two junction boxes for more efficient battery charging. The module can be positioned at any azimuth, at a fixed 20⁰ angle for the best wind load-energy yield ratio.

LED light source High performance illuminant used in Premium European car brands with extremly long service life and zero upward light output ratio.

Pole Including supports for PV module and LED light source.

PIR motion sensor For efficient energy management during the night time. It detects body movement and switches off the dimming effect, which automatically resumes after 5 minutes.

HDPE shaft with iron cover Located below ground, it stores the battery, charge regulator, DC/DC converter, photo relay and timer.

PWM solar charge regulator Controls battery charging and prevents it from discharging below 50% DOD (depth of discharge).

Solar battery Energy storage solution with longer service life and with no maintenance required.

Photo relay With the help of an integrated photo-sensor it automatically switches the light on/off, based on the light intensity in the environment (dusk, dawn). It comes with an adjustable threshold and a time delay function.

Configurable timer Controls the switch on/off function and the automatic dimming function based on a set time, which can be adjusted for each day of the week. It promotes intelligent energy management and preserves the battery.

DC/DC converter


Battery 135 Ah
Pole 7 m
Pole fixation accessories Anchor kit
Motion sensor PIR
Component storage Below ground (HDPE shaft) or above ground (cabinet)
Design Silver or Full-Black
Pole fixation accessories  Component storage option
sidra Omara
Anchor kit for poured concrete* Above ground cabinet
Design options
modul crn-luc crna modul siv-luc siva
Full-black Silver
*Concrete base not included in the product

Length x Width x Thickness 1,649 mm x 991 mm x 40 mm
Weight 18.5 kg (40.79 lbs)
Solar Cells 60 mono c-Si in series / 156 mm x 156 mm (6+”)
Junction Box / Connectors Three bypass diodes / MC4 compatible / IP 67
Frame Anodized AL with drainage holes / rigid anchored corners
Glass 3.2 mm tempered solar or anti-reflective glass / high-transparency / low-iron
Packaging 16 or 25 modules per pallet / stackable 3 pallets high
Certified Nominal Load 5,400 Pa
Impact resistance Hailstone / Φ 25 mm / 83 km/h (51 mph)

BISOL SSL 30 (3,200 lm)


IMG_9311_RT_3 Prebold Industrial Zone Location: Slovenia PV Modules: BISOL Premium 250 Wp LED Light: 30 W Features: automatic dimming, automatic switch on/off function and PIR motion detector

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CE EC declaration of conformity It confirms that BISOL photovoltaic modules meet the requirements of Directive 2004/108/EC on electromagnetic compatibility and directive 2006/95/EC relating to electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits.
MadeInEU Made in Europe Strictly top quality EU-made components distinguish the BISOL solar street light as an extremely reliable source of light with prolonged service life.

All warranties are subject to individual manufacturer’s warranty conditions

General product warranty 1 year
PV module 10-year product warranty, 12 years on 90% and 25 years warranty on 80% power output
LED light source 5 years
Battery 2 years
Solar charger 5 years
HDPE shaft 50 years*
Pole 10 years**

* Must be installed underground ** Warranty on Zinc protective coating