BISOL EasyMount ALU Triangular

alu triangular kpl

NCD 10-year durability guarantee

NCD Various incline angles

NCD Without roof penetration

NCD Resistant to heavy loads

NCD Lightweight layout option

NCD Suitable for high wind zones

Versatile and resistant solution for flat roofs

BISOL EasyMount ALU Triangular mounting system is suitable for PV installations on roofs with larger spans of the roof bearing structure, or roofs requiring higher wind and snow load resistance. The structure is available in several different incline angles and can be simply laid out without drilling into the roof. For pitched roofs, or if extra stability required, the ALU Triangular structure is mounted into the roof structure using hanger bolts. The pre-assembled bolt connections on the A-frame reduce the on-site installation time.

NCD Download technical specification

Application Flat roofs
Roof incline angle Up to 5°
Method of installation Laying without roof penetration
Module incline 12.5°, 20° and 30° / Other angles available upon request
Module orientation Landscape (portrait upon request)
Module frame tolerances Suitable for all framed module dimensions
Material Aluminum EN-AW 6060 T5 (L-profile, ALU Rail 80, Profile 50) / Stainless steel A2-70 (fastening elements)
System weight without ballast 0.02 kN/m2 (without PV module)
Snow load per system 0 – 2.40 kN/m2 (with BISOL PV modules)
Wind load (velocity) Up to 170 km/h (106 mph)
Additional stabilization Ballast (concrete slabs) / Windshields

a frame 5

NCD The A-frame is mounted on ALU Rail 80 using two connecting elements.


NCD Profiles 50 are mounted on L-profiles.

konektor 50

NCD U-connectors allow for the extension of Profiles 50.

BISOL EasyMount middle clamp_premounted_

NCD Pre-assembled end and middle clamps are mounted on Profiles 50.

alu triangular vetrna zascita

NCD Metal windshield can be attached on the reverse side of the triangular structure.

alu triangular ballast

NCD Additional ballast (concrete slabs) can be placed into specially prepared double-sided console applied over the ALU Rail 80 profile.

 Angle of triangular mounting system (°) Distance between rows – from point A to point B
12.5° 150 cm (4’ 11”)
20° 170 cm (5’7”)
30° 230 cm (7’ 7”)


NCD 10-year durability guarantee

ALU Triangular