Your start up will only become a successful business with the right preparation. This may sound simplistic; however, careless preparation is the most common reason why many initially promising businesses fail to flourish. There are many hurdles on the path to a workable business concept, but there are few that cannot be overcome. Young entrepreneurs have many important decisions to make when starting up or taking over control of a business. They are often not aware of the range of problems they may encounter, not to mention possible solutions to those problems. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to consider both the entrepreneur himself or herself and the business as a whole when taking the leap into self-employment. Based on this overall view, the different areas such as; planning, financing and aspects relating to taxes, law and insurance, must be seen with the appropriate level of importance. Each startup has to be viewed as an individual case for which an ideal solution must be found. The following ten points for success were published by the business magazine «Cash» in a supplement called (start for your own business) and provide a good foundation from which to begin.